The Articles in New Times

    New Times was one of the staples of the Soviet Union. Throughout the Cold War, it published weekly a series of articles that were thinly disguised propaganda. Here are the ones related to the Kennedy assassination and the major governmental investigations of it.

"The Dallas Investigation" (11 December 1963)
"Assassin or Fall Guy?"
(23 September 1964)
"The Kennedy Heritage"
(2 December 1964)
"New Books on the Kennedy Assassination"
(21 September 1966)
"More Light on the Kennedy Assassination"
(26 October 1966)
"Echo of Dallas"
(21 December 1966)
"That Manchester Book"
(1 February 1967)
"On the Trail of a President's Killers" (1977-1)
"On the Trail of a President's Killers II" (1977-2)
"On the Trail of a President's Killers III" (1977-3)

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