Abraham Zapruder

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The following may be of interest to those who would seek a glimpse at the beginning, even though it tends
to raise questions about the only piece of evidence that we know is real, intact, unaltered, and 100%
without blemish. Qualities that are curiously absent from the character of the one who produced it...


Abraham Zapruder-White Russian affiliation, 32nd degree Mason, active MEMBER of 2 CIA Proprietary Organizations,
first, The Dallas Council On World Affairs, and second: The Crusade For A Free Europe

These two organizations were CIA (backed) Domestic Operations in Dallas whose membership included: Abraham Zapruder,
Clint Murchison, The Texas School Book Depository's owner Mr. Byrd(?), Mrs. Sarah Hughes, who swore L.B.J. in as
President while Air Force One was still on the ground in Dallas, George DeMohrenschildt (CIA contract agent AND
best friend of LHO), George Bush (also good friend of DeMohrenschildt), Neil Newan (mentor that Bush named his son,
Neil, after), H. L. Hunt, and Demitri Von Mohrenschildt (George D's brother).

In 1953 and 1954 a woman named, Jean LeGon worked SIDE by SIDE with Abraham Zapruder at a high end clothing design
firm called, Nardis of Dallas. Jean LeGon designed the clothing and Abraham Zapruder cut the patterns and the material
for her, Jean LeGon. Zapruder's obituary mis-states his date of departure from Nardis, citing 1949. The correct year
was 1959, the same year that his design "partner" Jean LeGon became known as, Jean LeGon DeMohrenschildt... she had
married Lee Harvey Oswald's BEST FRIEND, CIA Contract Agent, George DeMorenschildt...

Had enough? Wait there's more:

Lyndon Baines Johnson's personal secretary, Marie Fehmer, who flew back to Washington on Air Force One with LBJ on 11-22-1963,
just happens to be the daughter of Olga Fehmer, currently living in Tyler, Texas. Olga Fehmer worked at Nardis of Dallas
with Abraham Zapruder and Jean LeGon DeMohrenshildt. Olga Fehmer has a son, (brother of Marie, LBJ's secretary) named,
JACK VALLENTI, (who, incidentally just this past weekend wrote another N.Y.Times article praising the Johnson Presidency).
[I will leave the Valenti "story" for others here to further elaborate]... LBJ's personal secretary's mother worked with
Abraham Zapruder and DeMohrenschildt's future wife in Dallas, the city that LHO's best friend, the Jewish White Russian -
George DeMohrenshildt had convinced Lee Harvey Oswald and his White Russian wife, Marina Oswald, to move. The Oswald's spent
time together in the Soviet Union during their "courtship" -- much if not most of that time was spent in the city of Minsk,
which is where George DeMohrenshildt and his brother, Demitri Von Mohrenschildt, were born. Abraham Zapruder's co-worker,
Jean LeGon and her husband George DeMohrenschildt introduced Lee Harvey Oswald to the daughter of one of George DeM's close
friends, Ruth Paine. Ruth Paine had a brother, Michael, whose step-father, Arthur Young collaborated with none other than
Lyndon Baines Johnson's personal pilot, Joseph Mashman, to develop "BELL" helicopter together. 3,000-5,000 BELL helicopters
were lost in Viet Nam and BELL made a fortune replacing them.

In September of 1976, George DeMohrenschildt was subjected to 9 electro-shock treatments at Parkland Hospital under the "orders"
given by one, Doctor DeLoach... first cousin of FBI Assisstant Director Cartha D. "Deke" DeLoach. His doctor of record, Mendoza,
administered intravenous "drugs" upon DeM's being committed to Parkland Hospital for, "mental problems" - but, it was DeLoach that
ordered the Electro-Shock Therapy. This episode occured during the time that George Bush was the Director of Central Intelligence
and within weeks of DeMohrenshildt's having written a manuscript for a book titled, "I Am A Patsy! I Am A Patsy!" which named
names of various CIA and FBI personnel who framed Oswald to cover their tracks in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

On March 29, 1977... the same day DeMohrenschildt agreed to an interview by the HSCA George DeMohrenschildt was found dead of a
shotgun blast through his mouth by his daughter, Alexandra, who in 1964, was being monitored by James Jesus Angleton, CIA because
she was having an affair with Mohammed al Fayed shortly after the JFK assassination. James Angleton's name is signed at the
bottom of that 41 page report. Under his signature is that of CIA asset, Jane Roman. Roman was the CIA agent who the record shows
was "monitoring" the actions of one, Lee Harvey Oswald, for the two months preceding the assassination.


George Bush's roomate at Andover and at Yale, who subsequently enlisted with him into the Navy was Demitri Von Mohrenschildt's step-
son, Edward Gordon Hooker.

George DeMohrenschildt was business partners with Mohammed al Fayed and Clamar J. Charles in Haiti, while he was also working for
Clint Murchison's Haitian interests. He also worked for Murchison's Three States Oil & Gas Co.

Jackie Kennedy grew up calling George DeMohrenschildt, "Uncle George"-- as her mother Janet Auchincloss nearly married him after she
dated him during her divorce from Jackie's father. DeMohrenschildt was actually engaged to be married to Jackie's Aunt Michele.

George Bush has selective Altzheimer's regarding his where abouts of 11-22-1963. Barbara Bush stated he was in Tyler, TX. although
he has "speculated" that he may have been in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

FBI Special Agent, Graham Kitchell states that he received a call from George Bush on 11-22-1963, and that George Bush (and his voice)
were very familiar to him at that time. The call was made to the Houston FBI office.




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