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The Puzzle Palace

Anthony Marsh,
National Security Affairs correspondent

Welcome to The Puzzle Palace on The Tangled Web. Although my primary focus will be information concerning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, I plan to delve into all aspects of national security. I have a large backlog of papers I will be bringing to your attention over the upcoming months and the archives of declassified government documents on this site will be constantly updated. Feel free to drop by often.

Coalition on Political Assassinations: Call for Papers

Documents Currently Available

National Security Memorandum on the Vietnam War

Miscellaneous National Security Memorandum

CIA cables, memos and photographs documenting Oswald's activities in Mexico.

If you have any copies of declassified government documents you would like made available to people on the Internet, contact me at If you would like to write a column for The Puzzle Palace, if you have any feedback on how I can improve my site, or any other comments, please send me email..

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