The Deed

    The prime source of material on the deed remains the Warren Commission Report. A few interesting extras are listed below.

Sequence of events as reported by six witnesses in first two limousines
Observations of six Secret Service agents
What Howard Brennan really saw
The Sibert-O'Neill report on the autopsy

Witness recollections from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed (Three Forks Press, 1998)
    With this book, Larry Sneed has constructed an extremely valuable "Oral History of the Assassination of President Kennedy," as his subtitle states. Even though the statements were taken 30 years after the assassination, they provide a fresh and important perspective of what it was actually like to be there. Of course, memories of details begin to dim well before 30 years, as will be seen by the occasional contradictions among these statements, but the new information and the feelings of immediacy that they present far outweigh this problem, in my judgment. I will post as many of the 39 statements as time permits (all with permission from Mr. Sneed). Enjoy!
    Hugh Aynesworth, reporter for the Dallas Morning News
    Jim Ewell, reporter for the Dallas Morning News
    Stavis (Steve) Ellis, motorcycle officer who saw the first shot miss and hit the south curb of Elm Street
    H. B. McLain, motorcycle officer who allegedly recorded the rifle shots with stuck microphone
    James C. Bowles, Communications Supervisor, Dallas Police Department, who tells the real story of the acoustics
    W.G. "Bill" Lumpkin, one of the lead motorcycle officers in the motorcade
    Charles Brehm, the eyewitness who first conceived the single-bullet theory
    James Tague, the eyewitness by the Triple Underpass who was hit in the cheek by a fragment
    Marrion L. Baker, the motorcycle officer who encountered Oswald in the lunchroom
    Bobby Joe Dale, motorcycle officer who knew that the stuck microphone was at Market Center, not in Dealey Plaza
    Vincent Drain, FBI agent who brought the physical evidence to Washington
    Carl Day, Crime Scene Search Unit, who took the fingerprints from the rifle
    Harry D. Holmes, the postal inspector who questioned Oswald about his P.O. box just before he died

Note: Links to No More Silence removed on 15 December 2007 by request from Mr. Sneed.